Installation Mediadrop 0.10.3 on Ubuntu Server 11.10 (Development)

This is a step by step how i get mediadrop running on my ubuntu server 11.10. This installation guide assumes a basic familiarity with *nix shell commands. Major step in this tutorial took from and

1. Install packages

2. Install Setuptools and virtual environment for python

3. Create virtual environment specially for mediadrop

I make a virtual environment in /var/www.

Now, i am currently on virtual environment named ‘venv’.

4. Download and Install Mediadrop

code ‘python develop’ i run it more than three times. So, make sure your packages and its dependencies are installed completely if there is en error running it again and again. After no error, then continue next step.

5. Create Mysql database and make it ready for mediadrop

6. Make basic configuration file and change in deployment.ini

Make sure there is no error messages. Then edit file deployment.ini match with my database config above. Search for line sqlalchemy.url

7. Copy data folder from Mediadrop-0.10.3 folder to www folder

8. The creation of all database tables and addition of initial data.

To set up the triggers that enable fulltext searching, use this code.

9. Launch the Built-in Server

Now open http://localhost:8080/ to see how it works! You can try access the admin at http://localhost:8080/admin/ with username: admin, password: admin. You also can access it from LAN, with specific IP address to your server. ex :

If you have a problem, post comment below, i hope can help you.

Next, i will do Production Deployments, wish me luck.

Article about production deployments can see here.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial bro, good work. listen bro I’m having some issues when trying to run “paster setup-app deployment.ini”, I get this error: ValueError: Unrecognised treebuilder “beautifulsoup”.
    What could be the cause? Thanks in advance.

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