Installation Mediadrop 0.10.3 on Ubuntu Server 11.10 (Deployment)

Today, i am successfully deploy MediaDrop with mod_wsgi behind Apache Server. These step make it work till now. I am on Ubuntu Server 11.10.

1. Install mod_wsgi for apache

then restart apache2 service

To make sure your mod_wsgi is installed and ready. Check log file apache2 in /var/log/apache2/error.log

2. Copy mediacore.wsgi to /var/www

Because i dowload mediacore not form github, so, i don’t have mediacore.wsgi. I download again from github with git sync and put it on my home directory. Then copy mediacore.wsgi to /var/www/.

3. Edit mediacore.wsgi with vim, at top line (match your path).

4. Adding Configuration in apache config (httpd.conf)

Copy sample code from github downloaded also, then rename it to httpd.conf

5. Edit httpd.conf

In this case, mediadrop will install in root directory. can access in root ip/domain not in subdomain or subfolder. So, this my change.

6. Resart your Apache Server

Try access with your browser, direct IP or domain name.

Hope this help you too, as help me.

(sory about language)


Reference :

Install mod_wsgi in ubuntu

install step from mediadrop

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  1. Halo, kok saya gagal terus ya. Pas install python, bikin venv dll itu pake user apa? Sepertinya dari log ada byk permission denied pas ngakses website nya. gmn solusinya?


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