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Installation Mediadrop 0.10.3 on Ubuntu Server 11.10 (Deployment)

Today, i am successfully deploy MediaDrop with mod_wsgi behind Apache Server. These step make it work till now. I am on Ubuntu Server 11.10.

1. Install mod_wsgi for apache

then restart apache2 service

To make sure your mod_wsgi is installed and ready. Check log file apache2 in /var/log/apache2/error.log

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Installation Mediadrop 0.10.3 on Ubuntu Server 11.10 (Development)

This is a step by step how i get mediadrop running on my ubuntu server 11.10. This installation guide assumes a basic familiarity with *nix shell commands. Major step in this tutorial took from http://mediadrop.net and http://blog.zixo.sk.

1. Install packages

2. Install Setuptools and virtual environment for python

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Reset Mysql root password in ubuntu server 11.10

Today, i am installing a Mediadrop VMS, while installing Ubuntu Server 11.10, i set password too complicated. So, i want to change the password to something more readable like just a word, no number and other symbols.

So, these step i found on the internet.

1. Stop the MySql Server.

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